Ensure online shopping is secure and fast

The convenience of online shopping has made it incredibly popular, but consumers are increasingly wary of the security of their data, and less tolerant of below par experiences. Indeed, slow page loading times will frustrate consumers just as easily as long queues will in brick and mortar stores.

CDNetworks accelerates ecommerce sites in order to maximise sales and rapidly impact ROI. We are the experts when it comes to the most effective techniques for improving website performance and their associated impact on user engagement, SEO, and infrastructure costs.

Going international? We are the experts to help you reach online shoppers in fast growing but hard to reach markets such as Russia, China and the Middle East.

Achieve objectives such as increasing conversion rates and reducing abandoned carts with accelerated static content such as product images and videos, and dynamic content including shopping carts, prices, and stock levels.




Global ecommerce CDN

Fast online shopping experience across the globe

Website performance is improved in all markets - including parts of the world with poor connectivity.

Reach eshoppers in mainland China

CDNetworks is the world’s only global CDN with infrastructure and staff in mainland China - the world’s largest and fastest-growing market of online consumers. Competing in China demands content delivery from within the ‘Great Firewall’, and guarantees of fast loading times and availability. CDNetworks offers scalability, reliability, and high performance for both content and applications.

PCI compliance for online payments

CDNetworks is PCI compliant - meeting the high-level requirements to prevent fraud and data theft. Online shoppers will know that their data is safe, and retailers will benefit from monitoring and and reporting for security and audit purposes. The damage that a brand can suffer from even the suspicion of compromised data can be irreparable, making PCI compliance a must for any online store.

Cloud security for your ecommerce site

Cyber attacks, such as DDoS attacks and DNS hijacking, put your customers and reputation at risk. CDNetworks offers security to keep out criminals and keep your website online. 

Scalability for the sales and holiday season

Unexpected traffic spikes can bring a website down - a successful marketing campaign could have the same effect as a DDoS attack, making an online store a victim of its own success. CDNetworks can help scale applications and websites with little notice and without investing in additional infrastructure.

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