Accelerate websites and applications in hard to reach markets

Western brands wishing to target the Chinese market, as well as emerging markets such as Russia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, often underestimate the challenges associated with launching websites and web applications in these hard to reach markets. From ‘The Great Firewall of China’ to anti-piracy laws and overall poor connectivity, offering great web performance in these regions is often harder than it may at first appear.
At CDNetworks, we have the experience and expert knowledge that will keep your website online in hard to reach markets. Our experience of Chinese internet regulations, as well as our presence in Russia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, means we can ensure that your web content is accessible to everyone, with fast load times, and with all the necessary registrations and licenses.

  • We ensure websites and web applications are accessible to anyone in mainland China and emerging markets such as Russia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East
  • We guarantee websites will load quickly and securely thanks to our in-country presence
  • We help you with web licenses and questions about regulations.

China & Emerging Markets



China regulations

A combination of the ‘Great Firewall of China’, poor, unreliable network infrastructure and complex licensing agreements means it is hard for Western brands to reach users in China. While our China CDN is licensed by the Chinese government, our extensive knowledge of the region means we can guarantee your content is accessible, with acceptable load times, and that your website stays online thanks to proper registration and licenses. 

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Presence in Russia

Together, content blocking from the Anti-Piracy law and the blacklisting bill, along with poor connectivity and poor website security poses challenges for companies trying to access Russia. CDNetworks nationwide network is unmatched in both reach and performance, delivering dynamic web content and cloud applications across the country faster than any other CDN. Our partnership with MegaFon also means we are the first and only network operator to cover all federal districts of Russia with CDN services. 

Heritage in Southeast Asia

Geographical limitations means Southeast Asia doesn’t benefit from the same levels of connectivity that the US or Europe does. Our heritage and origins in Korea mean we can offer the best connectivity across the region, providing unparalleled connectivity to local ISPs. 

Locations in the Middle East

A lack of peering agreements in the Middle East results in poor internet routing and causes unnecessary website delays. By deploying PoPs within the Middle East, CDNetworks overcomes this issue to ensure high performance web delivery for all countries within the region. 

Need to reach users in China, Russia, Southeast Asia or the Middle East?
Speak with us today and get your website up and running in these hard to reach markets.
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