Protect your business from cyber-attacks

Businesses of all sizes, across all industries, are experiencing cyber-attacks on an almost daily basis. Defending businesses and networks against these attacks is no easy feat, and many are not equipped with the right security measures to protect their data from these attacks.
At CDNetworks, we combine CDN security with the performance of a distributed cloud-based infrastructure to keep our customers’ websites and web applications secure. We protect businesses from a range of cyber-attacks, including hacking (SQI injection and XSS Session Hijacking), business abuse (screen scraping, form spamming and fake accounts), as well as Denial of Service attacks (DoS and DDoS).

  • We deploy a range of security measures to protect your business, including Cloud DDoS protection and DNS protection, web application firewalls, bot mitigation and IP reputation filtering

  • We protect your business’ data, as well as your customers’ data, by applying and supporting leading security methods and standards, such as PCI compliance, secure socket layer and digital rights management

  • We combine automation technology and human intelligence to secure your website infrastructure and achieve high availability.


Cloud Security


Managed Cloud DDoS protection 

Protects websites and blocks DDoS attacks automatically, as and when they occur. A combination of global PoP locations, DNS methodology and DDoS absorption infrastructure means we can automatically respond to, inspect and clean up unusual traffic hitting your website. 

DNS protection

Ensures your website is always reachable and protects against DNS flooding attacks. Our globally distributed name services ensure DNS reliability, while also offering protection against DDoS attacks. 

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Multi-layered WAF technology defends against layer 7 attacks, including DDoS, SQL injections and integrated with our global CDN.

Bot mitigation

Prevents bot attacks and blocks hacker attacks before they can begin. Our sophisticated security engine protects web forms from spammers, protects log-in pages from brute force attacks and prevents screen scraping. 

Screen scraping protection

Efficiently blocks scrapers and protects your unique content from copying, theft and competitive B.I. 

IP reputation filtering

Blocks traffic from botnets and anonymous proxies, as well as users convicted of hacking and malicious activities. Our IP filtering also blocks traffic from hosting facilities and zombie servers. 

Data security

Protects yours and yours customers’ data by applying and supporting leading security methods and standards, including PCI compliance, secure socket layer and digital rights management. By acting as a front-end processor to manage TLS/SSL connections and requests, we free our customers’ website origin to execute high-value application processing. 

Regulatory compliance

Supports industry and governmental standards for protecting personal and financial data. By staying abreast of EU regulations and standards, CDNetworks stays ahead of the EU compliance curve. Not only do we take a hands-off approach to customer data, our ability to securely handle and deliver customer data without decrypting it gives our customers complete control. 

High availability

Cloud-based, high performance delivery of robust website and application functionality.

Worried your business could be susceptible to attack? 
Get in touch today and find out how we can help protect your business.
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