Improve web performance across any device

With competition in the online world growing, it is imperative that businesses ensure their websites load quickly. If consumers have to wait for a website to load, they will simply abandon the site and look elsewhere. This is also the same for mobile. In the new connected world, consumers need to be able to quickly view the web content they want, on the devices they want- otherwise, you risk losing out on potential custom and revenues.

At CDNetworks, we improve the performance of your website while maximising reliability and stability, ensuring you deliver the best web performance possible at any time, from anywhere, and on any device. Our flexible and scalable technology means we are able to cope with dramatic increases in traffic, ensuring fast load times for your users even during peak times.

  • We ensure every type of content is optimised for the delivery on every device, including mobile, so that delivery speeds, responsive design, dynamic servicing and mobile apps are all supported
  • We offload static content such as images, videos, text and rich content, and speed up interactive features and relevant, personal and dynamic content on your website
  • We protect websites from a variety of attacks, threats and hacks, including DDoS and data breaches.

Website and Mobile Acceleration



Static content

Speeds up your website by caching static objects such as videos and graphics. Our global network of PoPs are always located close to your customers, offering unmatched speed and performance.

Dynamic content

Accelerates customisable content, such as shopping bags, eCommerce transactions, form fills and stock quotes. Traditionally, customisable content does many round trips to your data centre before reaching the end user, and if this ‘middle mile’ encounters difficulties, response times will be greater. CDNetworks acts as a communications highway for customisable content, eliminating 80% of round trips. 

Encrypted content

Transmits encrypted, non-cacheable content, such as online payments and sensitive data, without compromising data integrity and security. We accelerate encrypted TCP connections and SSL traffic to ensure content loads as quickly as possible. 

Responsive design and dynamic serving

Ensures fast and efficient web performance across devices, from PCs to smartphones. Manages advertising, appearance and layout depending on the type of device being used.

Mobile apps

Accelerates API requests and optimises app performance by reducing the ‘middle mile’ - all at no extra charge.  

API acceleration

Yields dramatic improvements in performance, and increases the effective load that existing instances are able to handle.

Is your website slow to load?
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Suitable Products
Cloud DNS
Cloud Load Balancer
Cloud Storage
Content Acceleration
DDoS Protection
Dynamic Web Acceleration
Media Acceleration
Premium Support
Web Application Firewall
Cloud Image Optimization
Dynamic Network Acceleration

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